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Turning Point Consulting

Lou Kertesz founded Turning Point Consulting in 2000 after having spent 30+ years building successful organizations in a wide variety of industries with companies ranging from start-ups to established enterprises. Lou has specific expertise in Predictive Hiring and Employee Success Profiling.
His clients value his extensive analysis of performance metrics / balanced scorecards to identify top performers and the behaviors & characteristics that they have in common. Because of the depth of his background & experience, this activity alone often yields highly useful management information.
Lou will then use state-of-the-art assessment technology to build success profiles of the top performers and also identify the management interventions most likely to enhance job performance for those needing improvement.

Lou specializes in:

  • Selection, Retention and Management of Top Performers
  • Assessment Technologies that provide *actionable* management information
  • Best Practices: Analysis / Development of Performance Metrics
  • Linkage of performance metrics & assessment data that yields measurable ROI data
Prior to founding Turning Point Consulting,
Lou’s background includes the following accomplishments:
Venture Capital and Investment Banking
This experience exposed Lou to hundreds of business models and many industries. He brings extensive practical knowledge about how businesses work and grow to his clients. He co-founded this venture capital fund in Seattle, WA with assets of $30+ million. As a General Partner in this fund, Lou:
  • conducted legal, financial and operational due diligence including market research
  • made private equity investments in 10 companies
  • was Chairman of BOD for auto aftermarket retail / service store chain with 30+ locations
  • served on Boards of Directors for 3 portfolio companies
  • was a frequent speaker at local VC functions
  • solicited private equity investors
  • raised $8+ million in private equity investments for Seattle high-tech start-up companies outside of the fund and additionally raised $4.3 million in convertible debt for Seattle high-tech start-up companies
Intermec Corporation ($250 MM High Tech Electronics Company)
Lou was a key member of operating team that grew Intermec from $57 million to $258 million in 8 years. It was acquired by Litton Industries in 1991 in an all cash purchase. At Intermec, Lou successfully managed the challenges associated with 40+% annual growth rates. He understands what it takes to create and manage such growth.
A few of his accomplishments involved:
  • Organized and led a “Crisis Team” formed to build sales & service organization in Midwest region (7 states) from a “cold start” when acquisition discussions cratered. Sales Organization, field offices and service organization were staffed and operational in 54 days. Revenue goals were achieved.
  • He was the point person for resolving all “people problems” in acquired businesses
  • Member of 3-person Executive Team that converted Rep. / Distributor sales force to Company owned sales channel. Effort produced 13 acquisitions in 8 months.
  • Created a work environment that was regarded as one of the “10 Best Places to Work” in Puget Sound
  • Corporate employment grew from 238 to 2,000+ employees worldwide with Lou in charge of Human Resources and developed a corporate culture that valued resolving employee complaints “in house.” In 8 years, there were no legal actions taken against the company by employees
  • Designed and implemented a sales compensation plan that was regarded as the “best in the industry” (attracted and retained best sales professionals and eliminated poor performers quickly while achieving G&A objectives)
  • In charge of $33 million project to acquire land (75 acre site) and build new 330,000+ sq.ft. Corp. HQ and manufacturing facility. Project was completed on time (one yr.) and on budget with a “build out” cost that was approximately 19% less than comparable facilities at the time (1991)
  • Recruited new COO (who was promoted to CEO) plus 4 V-Ps and worked closely with CEO to rebuild management team. Was used by CEO as facilitator to resolve team issues with Executive Staff.
  • Regarded as a “gifted” interviewer able to select outstanding people
  • Overall responsibilities included the following departments and an operating budget over $14MM:

Human Resources > Legal Affairs > Information Technology > Facilities > Community Affairs > Corporate Ethics Officer

Becton, Dickinson & Company ($4 Billion Medical Device Company)
Director of H.R. – Significantly reduced diversity based workforce tensions through innovative employee relations programs. No employee initiated litigations during my tenure (a highly litigious period in California) Reduced employee turnover by 45 % in under 5 months.
H.R. Manager – Reduced Worker’s Compensation Costs from a rate of $450,000 / yr. to $37,000 / yr. in six months. Annual employee turnover rate was reduced by from 60% to 8 % in under six months. Plant received Corp. Affirmative Action Award for both years while H.R. Manger.Recruited and developed new management team.
H.R. Representative – Responsible for safety & loss prevention at manufacturing plant (1,000 employees) that set National Safety Council record for longest consecutive period (4 years) without a lost time disabling injury. (Columbus, Nebraska – Glass & Ceramics sector). Responsible for recruiting / hiring non-exempt personnel and workforce reductions.