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Sunbelt Buyer’s Workshop  

The Buyer’s Workshop and Entrepreneurial Assessments are designed to significantly lower risk by identifying a buyer’s natural strengths, talents and also indicating what type(s) of businesses would best fit your particular intellect and personality.

Turning Point is pleased to work with you and Sunbelt in this phase of your decision process and this assessment series is only offered to through the the Sunbelt Workshops because of the significant price reduction.

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The process is straightforward:

1. You register for the workshop and assessments by clicking the link below

2. You take two (2) assessments online at your convenience (more on that later.)

3. Finally, you will have a personalized review of your results via telephone with Lou Kertesz lasting approximately 60 minutes.

This information is also shared with Sunbelt they can better assist you in identifying the best opportunities for your particular talents.

These assessments are not intended to be some "go / no go gateway" that you must pass through.  This process is designed to empower you with the best information current behavioral science technology can provide to help you make the best possible buying decision. In buying a business, you risk your time, money, reputation and the financial security of you family and / or loved ones.   This process is designed to give you information to substantially lower those risks.Both Turning Point Consulting and Sunbelt Business Brokers are bound by a Privacy Policy and will not share your information with anyone (a) not employed by either organization, and (b) who does not need to see your information to aid your business buying decision.

Here is a brief description of the two assessments:

 The Profile XT ™ is a multi-purpose assessment used for selection, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. It is one of the most potent next generation assessment tools available today.   Nearly 65% of the Fortune 500 utilizes assessment technology, and even if you do not choose to move forward with a business purchase, knowing more about yourself can be a practical benefit to you.  This Profile XT assessment is taken on the Internet and requires no special computer hardware or software.  All you’ll need is Internet access and a standard web browser.

 Profiles Sales Indicator™ is a tool that helps gauge the probability for your success in generating prospective clients and engaging in related sales & marketing activities.  The Profile Sales Indicator is taken on the Internet and requires no special computer hardware or software.  Again, all you’ll need is Internet access and a standard web browser.

As Tom Watson (founder of IBM) said … "Nothing happens until somebody sells something."   In every business … "someone has to sell something" to generate revenue.  Even though your professional background may not have included sales, it is critically important for you to know if you can sell, have a natural affinity for sales or if you need to hire others for this vital role.

You can begin this next phase of Entrepreneurial Assessments for Sunbelt Business Broker’s clients immediately by clicking the link below.  Turning Point will be notified of your registration and you will receive an e-mail from us with all of the pertinent instructions.

It is our privilege to be of service to you as you explore exciting new opportunities though Sunbelt Business Brokers.

After you complete the registration process, you will get several emails providing you with the relevant instructions.  These emails can take several hours to generate.

After you complete the assessments, we will send you copies of your reports via email and we’ll schedule a phone conversation (approx 60 minutes) to review / discuss your results and answer any questions you may have.  

 Click The "Register Here" button below to begin.

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